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Black Composers Series (CBS Records) LP1 4217 (9 record set)

Art Songs by Black Composers LP1 3011 (2 LPs)

Piano Music by African American Composers LP3 1797(2 cds)

The Pan African Orchestra LP3 3699 (1 cd)

Music for Chamber Ensemble LP3 1802 (1 CD; See Olly Wilson)

Afro-American Symphony (William Grant Still) LP30841

Blood in the Fields (Wynton Marsalis; on order)

Le Chat (David Baker) LPR00937

Zodia Suite (Mary Lou Williams) LP33398

African Portriats (Hannibal Lokumbe) LP33265

The Middle Passage (Anthony Davis) LP33187


LP31711 (cd)


Afro-American Symphony (William Grant Still) M1001 .S834 NO.1

Piano Sonata no. 1 (rev. ed., George Walker) M23 W25 no. 1 rev.

Folk Songs for Orchestra (George Walker) M1045 W33 F6

Yoruba Folk Songs (Akin Euba) M1621 .E82 Y6

Scences from Traditional Life (Akin Euba) M25 .892 S2

5 Dialects in African Pianism (Gyimah Labi) personal copy

--varieties of mss from personal collection (including sheet music) to be added