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(Documenting The Global Black Experience For The 21st Century [Schomburg Library])

-- (Global Mappings: A Political Atlas of the African Diaspora. This interactive website demonstrates linkages between transnational black politics, social movements and world historical events of the 20th century.)

Documenting The Global Black Experience For The 21st Century  [NOT ACTIVE]

-- (extensive teaching guides,  notes, support webliography)


-- (teaching about slavery from historical collections, Maryland Historical Society archives)



   (chronology of slavery in early Virginia)

            -- GLOBAL MIGRATION african peoples project at HARRIET TUBMAN INSTITUTEYork Univ


-- (emphasis on India)


-- [Not active]

-- (slave movement 18th-19th C.; searchable database)
  slaves stories  mp3 wav rm   Federal Writers Project
(from WPA = Works Progress Administration) (list of black periodicals)


other a-a sources religion archaeology

-- (teacher-oriented)

(Curtin, Philip D.; Lovejoy, Paul E. / Africans in bondage
: studies in slavery and the slave trade : essays in honor of Philip D. Curtin on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of African Studies at the University of Wisconsin (1986). Quite extensive and several essays online)
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(important dates and events—compare with other timelines below)
important online history of Africa; includes kingdoms, religions, sounds; etc.; see  also its TIMELINE AT;jsessionid=AFBE4E77A3CE02F1B2100F032171A7BE(CLICK ON ITEM 2 OF TOC, TIMELINE ; compare also (most extensive with hyperlinks): (another timeline with notes on ancient, colonial and postcolonial African societies; many links and resources)
This exhibition is part of USM’s 2001-2002 Gloria S. Duclos Convocation, a year-long examination of migration and homelessness titled, Diaspora: Meanings of Home; Introduction defines the diaspora; v Origins of the African-American Diaspora; VI. Africans in the Americas; also The Middle Passage ) (image collections)  (introduction to African history and culture) (Notes on the film on Slave Rebelion, AMISTAD) (webliography)

MAPS = following is part of this: quick routes and time, includes asia and middle passage  use with….
Harris map version
hard data and figures on export and emigration of African populations in slavery times
missionary archive of photos, etc. African societies


Digital archives/Online Search: (copy all and paste into browser)
online database to search on slavery, etc.)  Documenting the American South (search, e.g.,  west Africa blues) west Africa   travel accounts) (open access, free documents, historical, contemp.) (open access, free documents, historical, contemp.)

-- (teaching about slavery from historical collections, Maryland Historical Society archives) (archives of sheet music on Lincoln emancipation, civil war, etc.)


Bibliographies/Webliographies (Frederick Douglas/Augustus Washington)

http://atl (American slavery debate in the context of Atlantic history 1770-1865)


Digital Library of the Caribbean ( )


Digital Archive--Luso-Portuguese 1; 2 (Memoria Africa)

African Diaspora News