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PHOTO Exhibition

Ghanachrome - exhibition at Goethe Institut
Film and video
Until Tue Jun 24

Ghanachrome is an exhibition by the German cameraman and photo artist Grischa Schmitz. During the shooting of the documentary Adopted in Ghana in 2009, he took the time to document his surroundings and the time spans he spent on the road. From Ghanachromatic toGhanachrome, Schmitz' artwork is one giant poster of which the fragments will be pasted on the Institut's walls.

Exhibition ‘Muses’ @ Goethe Institute
A five-day art exhibition dubbed “Muses” is se
t to take place at the Goethe Institut, Accra, from December 11-15, 2013, The exhibition is aimed at contributing to art history in Ghana.

Traditionally, a Muse is someone or something that inspires an artist to great creativity. The term has been associated more specifically with the women that influenced the ability of male artists to create great works of art.

The “Muses” exhibition is not meant to only display the theme in its traditional sense, but to show works of Ghanaian contemporary artists, taking on a more diverse representation of the theme. The participating artists have been carefully selected so as to show works of different media of expression. These include painting, sculpture, performance and video, installation and photography.

The artists set to showcase their works include Jeremiah Quarshie, Serge Clottey, Bernard Akoi-Jackson, Fatric Bewong, and Nii Odzenma.
The rest are Bright Tetteh Ackwerh, Kelvin Haizel and Elkanah Mpesum, Constance Swanike, and Nii Obodai Provencal.
The exhibition has also received institutional support from the Goethe Institut, Golden Baobab, Nubuke Foundation, and Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Throughout art history, the creative (Artists) have been thought of as people who are either gifted geniuses, creatively resourceful or outright 'crazy'! These assertions come about because artists tend generally to be rather eccentric. Whereas many artists will claim to work from nothingness, there is the generally held ideal that artistic inspiration comes from muses. Who or what are the muses? Several have considered muses as men, women or even abstract ideas that trigger the creative urge in us. How far can we trust in these muses? How sure are we of their existence? How different will our art production be if we did not have muses? To what length does the artist's dependence on his/her muses affect broader success? The questions will surely be numerous. And it is the nuanced negotiations with these questions that the "Muses" exhibition will present. A mottled selection of contemporary Ghanaian artists will offer their contribution to this discourse in various means. Their work will be in conversation with one-another's work, as they also engage in dialogue with themselves.

Participating Artists: Bright Tetteh Ackweh Constance Swaniker Jeremiah Quarshie Fatric Bewong Elkanah Mpesum Serge Clottey Nii Odzenma Kelvin Haizel Bernard Akoi-Jackson.

The participating artists have been carefully selected so as to show works of different media of expression. This includes painting, sculpture, performance and video, installation and photography.