Daniel Kodzo Avorgbedor, PhD (Indiana University, Bloomington, 1986)

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2018: “Politics of Performance and Approaches to Musical Diplomacy in African Contexts;”
“Toward Understanding Embodied Musical Practice among the Ewe, Ghana;” “Intersections of Place, Space and Mobility in Urban Ewe Performance Traditions;” “African Music: Interdisciplinary Approaches”
(as part of Colloquium on “Music Diplomacy: Global Perspectives,” National University of Columbia, Bogotá, November – December, 2018)
2018: “Liminality, Copresence, and Pneumareisis: Pathways to Knowing Ancestors in Anlo-Ewe.” Paper presented “Honoring Ancestors in Africa: Arts and Actions,” a symposium held at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 6 – 8, 2018.
2018: “Critical Mobilities, Displacement, and Precarity: Perspectives Toward “Culture, Performance, and Sustainable Development.” Paper and workshop presented at Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) 3rd Biannual Graduate School (DAAD-funded) Workshop on the theme “Performing Sustainability. Cultures and Development in West Africa,” February 25 – March 10, 2018 hosted at the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast.
2018: “Power of Performance: Interpreting Haló Performance among the Southern Ewe as Significant Cultural Heritage with Implications and Extensions for African Diaspora Studies.” Paper presented at the symposium and workshop, “The Impact of Africa’s Fractal Codes:Connections and Linkages.” University of California, Irvine, January 12- 15, 2018
2017: “Interrogating Genre-Crossing and Hybridity: Examples from Africa and the African Diaspora.” Paper presented at the International Council for Traditional Music meeting, University of Limerick, Ireland, July 12-19, 2017.

2016: “Trauma (Ptss), Performance Affects, And Critical Interventions in the Context of Post-Slavery Communities.” Paper presented at the workshop on “Reconsidering Slavery in Britain and Ghana” organized by scholars from University of Liverpool and University of Ghana, Legon, June 24-25, 2016.

2016: (Chair and Presenter): “Borders of Home: New Directions in Approaching Notions of Home and Return in African Diaspora Discourses.” Paper presented on the panel, “Borders of Home: New Directions in Interpreting the Afro-Brazilian Heritage in Ghana.” V International Conference on Afro-Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian & Latin American Studies
(ICALLAS), University of Ghana, Legon, August 2-5, 2016.

2015: (Chair & Presenter) “Invention, Resistance, and Resiliency: the Pan-African Orchestra in Context.” Paper presented on the panel, “Performance, Power, and Identity: Case Studies from Ghana” at the 2015 World Conference of the International Council for Traditional Music, Astana, Kazakhstan, July 14-22, 2015.

2013: (Chair and Presenter): “Eternal Braid/Bread: Revisiting Music-Language-Gesture-
Brain Discourses in the Light of Select African Performance Traditions.” Paper presented
at the International Conference on African Studies, October 24-26, University of Ghana,

2013: Chair, panel: “Religion and Community.” Annual meeting of the Society for
Ethnomusicology, November 14-17, Indianapolis, IN.

2012: “The Place of The Visual in Constructing and Extending Affect and Meaning in Ewe Performance Traditions with Attention to Duƒozi: Some Theoretical and Methodological Implications.” Symposium on “African Music in the 21st Century – An Iconic Turn? An
International Symposium Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the African Music Archives Mainz (AMA)”, June 13-16, 2012. Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.

2010: Invited Speaker, From Mithen (2006)To Falk (2009): Naming And Calling Music's Origins: Reconsidering Perspectives From Mithen And Falk To Ewe Ahano?k?.” International Research Project on "Expressive Gestures in EvolutionaryTheories and Cultural History." Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung Geisteswissenschaftliche Zentren, Humboldt University, Berlin.

2008: “Super-facial is Over-researched: the Essential Conundrum in Ewe Music and Dance Research.” Society for Ethnomusicology annual meeting, Middletown, Conn., October 25-28.

2008: Invited Speaker, “The Black Music Diaspora: Developing a Framework for Theory and Method.” Conference on Black Music Research, Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College, Chicago, February 14-17.

2007: Invited Speaker, “Sacred Spaces in Secular Places: Popular Culture, Commodification and Dialectics of the Sacred and Secular in Contemporary African-American Christian Music and Dance.” Second Annual Conference on Black Religion and Spirituality in the 21st Century,” November 7-9, Michigan State University, East Lansing.

2007: “Situating the ‘Uprooted’: Dynamics and New Contexts of Learning Ewe Music and Dance—The Urban Evidence.” 52nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Columbus, OH, Oct.

2007: Invited Speaker, "Belief, Memory, and Cultural Autonomy: Performance traditions in the Contemporary Ghanaian Church." National Symposium on Music and Missions in Africa at Wheaton College, Illinois, September 21-23.

2007 : “Performance as Site for (Re)Membering Africa in Diasporan Spaces." Annual meeting, National Society of Black Engineers, March 31, Columbus.
2006: Invited speaker, International Symposium, “African Diaspora Studies and the Disciplines,” March 23-26, 2006, Madison, Wisc.

2006: Invited moderator and panel paper, “Multimedia and the Spectacular: Visual and Usual Aesthetics and the Challenges of Teaching Black Musical Traditions,” March 15-19, Chicago. Center for Black Music Research.

2005: Chair, panel: “Bending, Melding, and Mending Pitches: Hybridity and the Critic’s Voice in African American Art Music.” Title of both panel and paper presented at the 50th anniversary meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology in Atlanta, Nov. 16-20.

2004: Chair, session on “Pedagogy and Epistemology at the 14th Annual Conference Of The Pan African Anthropological Association, 2nd – 6th August.

2003: Invited Speaker, “Sound in/and Context: Critical Paths toward Understanding Music in Everyday Life.” International Symposium on the Music of Africa. Princeton University, October 10-11.

2003: Invited Speaker, “Integrating Indigenous Practices in Christian Worship.” Global Consultation on Music and Missions, Sept 15-18, Forth Worth, TX.

2003: Chaired a session on "Negotiating Identities" at the 27th Comparative Drama Conference, April 24-26, Columbus, Ohio.

2003: Chaired a panel titled “Musical memories of Loss and Trauma” at the 48 Annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Miami, Florida Oct 1-5

2001: Chaired a session on “Ethnomusicology In Africa: Theory And Education” at 2001 annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Detroit, October 2-28.

2001: “Investigating The Subterranean Dimension of the Performative in Anlo-Ewe Haló” at the 44th meeting of the African Studies Association in Houston, November 15-18.

2000: Chaired a session on "Collaboration and Negotiation" at 2000 annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology in Toronto, Canada, November 1-5.

2000: “'Netopia' And 'Homelessness': A Critical Look At Patterns Of Communication In Cyberspace." Conference on "Internet and National Cultures: Problems and Prospects.” June 1-3, Columbus, OH. Battelle Endowment and Center for African Studies.

1999: “Literary Discourse As Musical Advantage In Ewe Haló Performance." 42nd Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Nov. 11-14, Philadelphia, PA. (Also organizer and Chair of the panel, “Texts in Context: Aesthetics of Resistance and Subversion”).

1999: Invited Speaker, “Voiced Noise: The “Heterogeneous Sound Ideal” As Preferred Acoustic Environment In Selective Sub-Saharan African Instruments And Ensembles.” American Society for Acoustics annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 1-5 (also Co-Chair of panel on Musical Acoustics: African Musical Instruments and Traditions).

1999: Invited Speaker, “Internet Information and Search Strategies.” Workshop presented at the College of Humanities conference on “Technology across the Humanities Classroom,” October, OSU, Columbus.

1998: "African Art Music: Analyzing Its Intercultural Dimensions." The 5th Biennial International Symposium and Festival, Centre for Intercultural Music Arts, City University of London, London, March 30 - April 4.

1997: “The Impact of Rural-Urban Links on The Performance Practices of Urban Anlo-Ewe Ensembles.” Paper presented at the 40th meeting of the African Studies Association, Columbus, Ohio, October 13-16.

1997: “The Practice of Ethnomusicology And The Challenges of Christian Accountability." 5th Summer Institute of Linguistics Ethnomusicology Conference, Dallas, Texas, October 16-17.

1997: “Cultural Display and the Construction of Ethnic Identities in a Contemporary Independent Church: The Apostolic Revelation Society (A.R.S.) of Ghana.” Conference on Holidays, Ritual, Festival, Celebration, and Public Display, May 29-31 Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green.

1997: "Resources and Problems in Studying the African Continuum in African-American Performing Genre." International Conference on African Music and Dance, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, April 3-5.

1997: "Shifting Identities and Problems in Studying The African Continuum in Contemporary African-American Musical Traditions." Sidney Bechet Symposium, Indiana Univ. Penn., March 21.

1996: "Musical Invention as Cultural Rhetoric: The Case of Selective Ghanaian Churches."African Studies Association in San Francisco, November 23-26.

1996: "The Turner-Schechner Model of Performance As Social Drama: A Re-Examination In The Light of Anlo-Ewe Haló." Society for Ethnomusicology in Toronto, October 31 - November 3.

1996: "Church Pops into Pop Charts: The Impact of Contemporary Church Music Industry on Popular Culture in Ghana." American Folklore Society in Pittsburgh, October 17-20.

1996: "Field and Library Methods In Studying The Continuum of African Dance in the Diaspora: Lomax and Emery Re-Considered." Congress on Research in Dance [CORD] Special Topics Conference, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

1995: Chair, panel on "Hearing, Seeing and Moving: Music, Dance and the Visual Arts in East Africa," Symposium on African Art, April 19-25, New York.

1993: "The Limits Of Artistic License: A Study of Haló Performance and its Influence on Social Violence." Society for Ethnomusicology, Annual Meeting, Oxford, MI.

1991: "The Musical Construction of Social Reality: A Symbiotic Perspective." Society for Ethnomusicology, Annual Meeting, Chicago.

1991” "The Pan-African Orchestra of Ghana: Analysis of The Music within its Sociopolitical Manifesto." Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting, Society for Ethnomusicology, New York City.

1989: "Music And The Related Arts: New Perspectives From Haló Music Of The Anlo-Ewe." African Studies Association, Atlanta.

1988: "Aspects Of Cultural Identity As Reflected in Contemporary Christian Music of Ghana." African Studies Association, Chicago.

1988: "Objectivity without a Subject? Some Problems of Autochthonous Research in Ghana." American Folklore Centennial Conference, Cambridge, Boston.

1988: “Relationships between Paramusical Devices and Incisive Communication of Insults among the Anlo-Ewe." 1st Ghana Oral Literature Conference, Legon, Ghana.

1987: "Indigenous Popular Music in an Urban Setting." 4th International Conference on Popular Music, Accra, Ghana.

1986: "The Impact of Media and Cultural Policy on Music Broadcast in Ghana: Strategies and New Resources for the Music Educator." MEDIACULT, Vienna, Austria.

1986: "Musical Conservatism and Textual Renewal: Aesthetic Foundation of the Creation of New Songs among the Anlo-Ewe of Ghana." 17th African Literature Conference, Bloomington, Indiana.

1984: "Children in Search of the Self: Patterns of Cultural Continuity in an Urban Environment." 2nd International Colloquium on African Folklore, Budapest.

1983: "The Impact Of Rural-Urban Migration on A Village Music Culture: Some Implications for Applied Ethnomusicology." ICTM, Columbia Univ., New York.

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1982: "African Literature Association, Washington, D.C. The Interaction of Music and Spoken Texts in The Context of Anlo-Ewe Music."

1982: "The Transmission, Preservation, and Realisation of Song Texts: A Psycho-Musical Approach." 7th Ibadan Literature Conference, Nigeria.

2010: “Private Symbols and Public Spectacle: The Increasing Display and Performance of Ritual and Symbol as Popular Culture in Ghana.” Seminar talk, African Studies Centre, Humbold University, Berlin (May 22, 2010).

2009: “The Primacy of Local Ontologies in Understanding the Sacred-Secular Continuum in African and African- American ‘Religious’ Orientations.” Center for the Study of Religions, OSU, Feb 22, 2009.

2009: “Radical Or Rational Traditions?: A Reconsideration Of The Role Of Women In African Performing Arts. Symposium on “African Women and the Arts.” Ohio University, Athens, March 30 - May 2.

2008: “Autochthonous Research and Biographical Evidence: Knowledge Construction, Interdisciplinarity, and Ethnomusicological Research in Africa with Focus on Religious-Ritual Traditions” Center for African Studies (OSU) Brownbag series.

2006: “Bending, Melding, and Mending Pitches: Hybridity and the Critic’s Voice in African American Art Music.” Lectures in Musicology series, OSU.

2005: participated in a panel discussion on the life, music and politics of the late legendary West African musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Jan. 20.

2004: “Intersections of the Sacred and Secular in African and African American Christianity with Emphasis on Music and Dance.” Lecture presented at the Nazarene University, Mt. Vernon, OH. February 10.

2002: “The Work of the Performative: Constructions of Cultural Autonomy in Contemporary African Christianity.” Faculty Lecture, Department of African American and African Studies, November 22.

2001: “Locating the Middle Passage Be-twin the works of Two African-American Composers.” School of Music Faculty Musicology Lecture Series, October 8.

2000: “Mario Bunge’s Epistemologies and the Inquiring Mind in Ethnomusicology.” School of Music Faculty Lecture Series, November 10.

1998: "African Musical Instruments as Objects of Art." The Art Institute of Chicago, March 21.

1998: "Unity in the Arts: Sub-Saharan Musical Traditions." The Art Institute of Chicago, March 24.

1998: Demonstration of West African Narrow Strip Weaving (horizontal loom) a 4-day residency at the Art Institute of Chicago, March 19-24.

1998: "A Sound Life: Sound, Sight, and Celebration among the Baulé." The Art Institute of Chicago, in conjunction with the exhibit on the Baulé, Feb 24.

1997: "Internet Resources for Teaching about Africa." Summer Institute for Teachers, Center for African Studies and College of Humanities, OSU- -conducted hands-on session for 25 Grade and High School teachers.

1997: Presenter at "Seminar on Music in Worship" organized by the Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Worthington, Ohio, 10-12 October.

1997: “Resonances of Africa in African-American Performing Arts.” Sponsored by the African Students Association and Le Cercle Français, Oct 30, OSU.

1 997: Presenter at the Summer Global Institute for Teachers, Dublin, (Dublin, Ohio, June 17-20 ) on the topic, "Resources and Contemporary Challenges for Teaching African Music."

1997: “Reinventing Musical Culture in Urban Spaces: The Case of Contemporary Anlo-Ewe Society.” Lectures in Musicology series, OSU.

1996: “Ways of Being: The Urban Factor in Anlo-Ewe Music Dance Traditions.” OSU Folklore Center Spring Symposium.

1996: “How to do Things with Music: Music and Social Aggression Re- considered.” Lectures in Musicology series, OSU.

1991: “Some Common Elements of Sub-Saharan African Music.” American Museum of Natural History, New York City.

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1988: “The Role of Spatio-Temporal Dimensions in the Construction of Affective Strategies in African Music.” University of Ghana Inter-Faculty Lecture.

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1982: “Women's Role in African Music.” Evanston Public Library, Evanston.

1979: “Basics to Appreciation of African Music.” Chicago Conservatory of
Music, Chicago.